Insight on Anesthesia

…..allow us to ease your mind!  Family and friends are always there for you and so are we with this insight on anesthesia!

Oral and maxillofacial surgeons have extensive training in the administration of all types of sedation and general anesthesia. Oral surgeons are able to provide surgical services with the comfort of sedation and general anesthesia in a safe and cost-effective office setting.  The oral surgery team approach model provides patients with a very reliable and safe method of having procedures such as tooth extraction (which is the most common surgical procedure in the world), dental implants, and other oral and facial procedures in a stress-free environment.

The oral surgeon will review the patient medical history extensively before scheduling any type of anesthesia. Some of the questions you are asked as a patient include all medications you take, allergies to any medication as well as a history of previous surgeries and anesthesia. It’s very important to tell the oral surgeon everything you know about your health history. By sharing all the information, this allows the anesthesia team to be well prepared before, during, and after the anesthesia and procedure.

Make sure you follow all the pre-operative instructions you are given. These instructions include having nothing to eat or drink 6 hours before the procedure. Sometimes, your surgeon may instruct you take some of your medications before the surgery and anesthesia. In pediatric cases the surgeon may have special instructions for eating and drinking before anesthesia.

Today, oral surgery is performed in such a comfortable and safe way with the use of office-based anesthesia. No more anxiety about dental needles, “shots”, and the thought of having surgery in your mouth. Oral surgery is a very unique specialty because of the oral surgeon’s training in anesthesia delivery in a safe office-based setting.

 Dr. Ramsey Fanous, Dr. Gene Morris and the Caprock Oral & Maxillofacial Surgery team welcome any questions you have about anesthesia.



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