The changing of seasons can be a very exciting time but it can also have a real impact on your oral health. As our bodies adjust to new seasons, climate and weather change, we should revisit the kind of care we are giving ourselves.

Colder weather or exposure to hot weather and the sun can take a toll on your lips, potentially causing them to dry out and chap. Similarly, dry climates can mean dry mouths, one of the root causes of bad breath.

To keep your mouth healthy and happy, always be sure to:

  • Stay hydrated – Drink plenty of fluids. This will benefit your skin and mouth by stimulating saliva production that can help curb bad breath and having hydrated skin helps prevent over-drying and chapping.

  • Protection from the elements – Whether you’re enjoying a white winter in the snow, or basking in the summer sun on a beach, it’s always important to protect your lips with a balm or gloss. The best products will be those that offer moisture and SPF protection. See our Lip Balm vs. Lip Gloss blog post for more info

  • Use a humidifier – Having a humidifier running at home will help prevent dry mouth and keep lips from chapping during seasons when the air is dry.

  • Make sure your toothbrush is clean – This might sound like an odd reminder, but often times fall and winter means the arrival of flu season. It is common for symptoms of gum irritation, toothaches, and bad breath to coincide with the flu or sinus infection. One way to help prevent flu is to make sure your toothbrush is stored in a safe, clean area, away from debris or exposure to other toothbrushes, especially of those who are sick.

  • Exfoliate – Using your toothbrush, exfoliate your lips after brushing to keep skin healthy and smooth. Similarly, using your toothbrush or a tongue scraper to clean your tongue is a great way to get rid of bacteria build-up and prevent illness, especially during peak cold and flu season.


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