If you are too embarrassed to smile…….perhaps our team of experts can help!!

Life is too short to spend it without enjoying quality time with your family, old friends, and making new friends!  You should be able to enjoy healthy foods to prolong your quality of life!  If you have lost any teeth, you need to seek expert advice from a certified oral surgeon to assess the smartest approach to restoring your smile.  Bone grafting could be necessary, in some cases, prior to an implant or implants.

A CT Scan read by a professional oral surgeon shows many details that otherwise can be overlooked, causing unnecessary failed procedures and leading to tremendous frustration! SO, if you are experiencing humiliation because of missing teeth, Caprock Oral Surgery has solutions for you.  Dr. Ramsey Fanous is a board certified Oral & Maxillofacial Surgeon with 26 years of surgical experience and is acclaimed for his expertise in dental implants and full mouth restoration.


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