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  1. Plan ahead, Step one is a Consultation with your oral surgeon.

  2. Prepare for your recovery before your surgery. Talk to your oral surgeon about what to expect. He or she will have a list of guidelines for you to follow related to wisdom teeth extraction. Make sure you read the list well in advance and go over anything you are unsure about with your oral surgeon before surgery.

  3. Schedule your surgery to take place when you have a few days off for recovery following wisdom teeth removal. You may need someone to help you get home after the surgery. You may even want to arrange for someone to spend the remainder of the day with you after your procedure.

  4. Watch what you eat

Stick to a diet consisting of liquids right after your surgery. Gradually add solid foods, starting with softer foods, like pudding. Stay away from spicy or hot food.

  1. Avoid drinking through a straw!!

  2. Rest as much as possible

  3. You may want to rush to return to your normal life as quickly as possible, but for your long-term recovery take things slowly. Relax as much as you can with your head elevated by pillows. Don’t  exercise for at least a day. Wait a few more days for any strenuous exercise or heavy lifting.

  4. Open your mouth

  5. Your mouth will feel stiff after surgery. Because of this stiffness, you may not feel like opening your mouth at all, but it’s important that you do; otherwise, the stiffness can actually become permanent. The first time you open your mouth after surgery, do it slowly and gently.

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  7. Rinse your mouth out with salt water

  8. The day after wisdom teeth removal surgery, create a mouth rinse out of salt and warm water. Rinse with this mixture several times a day, especially after eating or drinking, to reduce swelling and pain.

  9. Control bleeding with gauze and tea bags

  10. Your oral surgeon will instruct you to bite down gently on a piece of gauze to reduce bleeding. After 12 hours, consider switching to a damp tea bag instead. Tea leaves can help reduce pain and encourage clotting.

  11. Listen to your oral surgeon!  To heal as quickly as possible from your wisdom tooth removal, always listen to your oral surgeon’s instructions.


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