Don’t let a small thing like a bone defect keep you from obtaining a beautiful smile and creating the life and career that you deserve.

Let us tell you about Sharon.  Sharon had a serious bone defect in the upper front of her mouth.  Sharon was fortunate that her defect was not visible to others as long as her mouth was closed or she was wearing the annoying retainer that made it look like she had upper front teeth.  When Sharon ate she had to remove the retainer and only chew with her exterior teeth, which was not conducive to her college social life, for sure! Fortunately for Sharon, her father did online research and found Dr. Fanous from hundreds of miles away. After extensive research on Dr. Fanous’ expertise in utilizing PRP / BMP to stimulate healthy bone growth, Sharon’s father contacted Caprock Oral Surgery.  A year and a half later, Sharon now has a beautiful smile made possible by PRP / BMP and implants…..just in time for college graduation and equipped with the tools to build a great career and an outstanding personal life for herself.


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