There are certainly easier things do to than getting kids excited about brushing and flossing. The trick is to find the right balance between fun and function. They have to brush and floss, but helping them have a little fun along the way will brighten both of your smiles.

Don’t think brushing can be fun for a kid? They these quick tips for getting your kids excited about oral health.

  • When you feel it is appropriate, let them try their hand at brushing and flossing on their own and praise them for their good efforts. Although a three-year-old may not have the fine motor skills to properly clean his or her own teeth, you can let them practice and help them finish up the areas they miss.
  • Use a musical toothbrush that plays music from your child’s favorite show. You can often find these at a grocery or pharmacy, and the music is timed to the appropriate amount of time for a proper brushing.
  • Make a game out of brushing your teeth! By using a simple game like, “I bet I can brush my teeth better than you!” you can turn it into an element of fun.
  • Set up a reward system. For one full week of good brushing habits, you could reward them with a small toy!

While there is no doubt that getting your kid to brush their teeth, take a bath, or eat their veggies is an easy task, by using some of these tips you can make it a fun time for you and them together!


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