Oh my!  Three days ago I received an invitation to my 30th class reunion via facebook!  My first thought was, “I can’t go to that looking the way I do now. I’m ignoring this!”
This prompted me to look through my senior yearbook and relive many precious moments with people who know me the best.  These people know my family, my background….it would really be great to see them all again.  Since my divorce, I have been trying to find my way socially again.  Thinking of these dear long-time friends comforts me.  I can’t help but wonder if some of my “favorite” classmates will be at the reunion?
Maybe I can lose fifteen pounds by then!  There’s that designer, Elaine Kim, from L.A. that makes Hollywood look thin and that handmade shoe designer, Calleen Cordero, in Studio City!  A new outfit from Elaine and a new pair of Calleen’s shoes are just the ticket!   …..but what in the world am I going to do about my teeth?????  I’ve seen this magical HealthBite procedure on TV that replaces your smile in one dayI know that I want a surgeon who is board certified and has done a lot of these procedures.    I’ve heard this procedure is about fifty thousand dollars, but I’m worth it!
OK, thanks for sharing this peptalk with me!  I have six months to make this all happen, so I better get on the treadmill!  Ciao for now…..


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