Did you know that February 9 is National Toothache Day? Nothing puts a damper on the day like a toothache, so we wanted to dedicate some time to toothache tips. There are many potential causes for tooth pain, and if it lasts you should always schedule an appointment with your dentist. However, for immediate relief now, we have a few home remedies to try:

  • Salt water: Salt helps alleviate inflammation in the gums, which can temporarily lessen the pain of toothaches and also may help stop the spread of bacteria in your mouth. Mix a heaping teaspoon of table salt with a cup of warm water. Swish in your mouth for 30 seconds and then spit it out. Repeat as often as necessary throughout the day. This remedy can also help canker sores! Be sure to check with your physician before swishing with this solution if you have any heart condition, including high blood pressure.
  • Painkillers: Over-the-counter painkillers can be another temporary, effective source of relief for toothaches. Aspirin and ibuprofen help reduce inflammation and pain. Acetaminophen acts on the nervous system (instead of reducing inflammation) by blocking pain messages in the brain.
  • Clove oil: This one may be new to you, but it is an age-old remedy for tooth pain. Mix 2-3 drops of clove oil with ¼ teaspoon of olive oil and the soak a cotton ball with the oil mixture. Place the cotton ball near the offending tooth and bite down to keep it in place. Clove oil has anti-bacterial properties and, amazingly, also acts as a mild local anesthetic.

Remember, these home remedies only temporarily relieve pain associated with a toothache. We always recommend visiting your dentist for any tooth pain.


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