Things To Do While You Brush Your Teeth

It’s easy to lose track of time when you’re brushing your teeth, but often times that means we stop before it’s been a solid two minutes of brushing. To help pass the time, and the right amount of it, we’ve come up with some things to do while you brush:

• Read a book or magazine – You might actually end up brushing for a little longer depending on how good the reading material is, but that’s ok!

• Pack your lunch

• Play a game on yourphone (but probably best not to play anything that requires two hands!)

• Watch a music video (most are well over two minutes)

• Brush your teeth to a two-minute-long song

• You can squeeze in a little workout by doing lunges, squats or leg lifts while you brush

• Water your plants

• Write our your day’s to do list

• Condition your hair

Whatever multitasking habit you’d like to try while brushing, be sure to use extra caution when moving and always aim for two full minutes!